Crank City

Pit and Pendulum
Radio Waves
Mirror Ball
Money Song


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Crank City CD, Comic Book & Sticker

with bonus tracks
Black Wool Toque
Ladies Bella T=shirt BLACK

What Size Are You?

Ladies Pink V-Neck

What Size Are You?

Ladies Panties (pink or Black)

What Size Are You?

Ladies Black Hoodie

What Size Are You?

Men’s Hoodie Black

What Size Are You?

Men’s Sweat Pants Black

What Size Are You?

High Waist Booty Shorts

What Size Are You?

Ladies Chemise / Dress / Camisole

What Size Are You?

Men’s the whole SHA-BANG!
(hoodie, T-shirt, Sweat Pants, Toque and free stickers)

What Size Are You?

Ladies The whole SHA-BANG!
(Hoodie, T-shirt, choice of bottoms, toque and free stickers)

What Size Are You?
What Bottoms?
What Top?

North America

“North America” is a full-length release.

Ever wondered what Apocalyptic Gospel Country Punk would sound like with choral harmonies? Your day has arrived and if you order the Songbook & Comic Book to go with it, everyone can sing along. Hank and Lily’s adventures!! Original artwork by Hank Pine.

Special Guest start Marco Bozenich as “Cecil the Weasel”, trained assassin. Thanks for the sweet bass licks.

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Lily’s Lullabies Album

Little Miss Lily Fawn first debut album solo release. Dark and dreamy ballads by Miss Lily Fawn with special guest appearances but various Canadian super stars. Brightest Darkest, is a full-length release comprised of story telling ballads about baby snatching, woodland animals, deadly romance and fairy-tale nightmares. The music and performance is charming, unique and daring. Your kids will love it (well, maybe if they are 18 and over, or have already been subjected to David Lynch).

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The Road to New Orleans

Start your ever growing Hank and Lily music collection with their debut album. Or should I say albums… it is a double release!! 28 songs in total accompanied by 2 comic books. These kids got in the studio and didn’t know how to stop recording. Be prepared for a little of everything on this treasured album The Road to New Orleans.

Label: Labelman
Country: Belgium
Released: 2005
Style: Electric Blues, Country, Psychobilly
1.01. Theme To “Road To New Orleans”
1.02. Black Pine Trailer Park
1.03. Lily’s Loney Song
1.04. Circus Gotti
1.05. Hank Meets Bubba French
1.06. Ballad Of The Dancing Bear
1.07. Tin Cans And Tiny Feet
1.08. Firefly
1.09. Angel Of The West Wing
1.10. Murray The Bad Rooster
1.11. Whiskey Train
1.12. Foetus (Thetis) Lake
1.13. The Hermit In The House Of God
1.14. When Hank Met Lily (The Storytelling Song)
2.01. Showtune
2.02. Barfly
2.03. Junkie Shuffle
2.04. Alligator Boy
2.05. Olde People
2.06. Ford Pier
2.07. Janet The Winged Girl
2.08. Laika
2.09. Princess Vampire
2.10. Necrophilia
2.11. Bar At The Bottom Of The Sea
2.12. Tofino Song

Item #1 the album (double album)….. $20.00


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