Crank City Lyrics – Hasselhoff

Sipping Molotov cocktails on the rooftop of the embassy,

There’s sunshine, teargas, just me and my baby

We laugh and laugh, while they sputter and cough,

You can set the world on fire, but just let me off


You are the flame, and I am the moth

Mm hmm David Hasselhoff


I’ll grow hard for you when the others have gone soft


Running down the beach with no shirt.

His man-boobs jiggling as he pounds the surf

Now David, put those things away before someone gets hurt


Mm hmm David Hasselhoff


Greased up and shining in a minimum of cloth


Sing for me David, like you do for Germany. X2



You sing the tight pants off of David Lee Roth!


Mm hmm David Hasselhoff  x lots


I need a real man, don’t give me no Baryshnikov!