Crank City Lyrics – Mirror Ball

1. And the mirror ball spins a hundred shards of light.

Like the scattered stars that shine at night

Like an old drunk spits out teeth after a bar fight.

Like a blind man given sudden sight.


The mirror ball fell in a shower of sparks

And for my love,  it all went dark

Who said dancing would always be a walk in the park…

Cuz more people die from coconuts then sharks.


The mirror ball will crash and kill us all. (X4)

Interlude build:

The mirror ball hangs down like a metal moon

With a glow that fills your heart and heats the room

A wrecking ball of impending doom

And the discotheque becomes your tomb


The mirror ball will crash and kill us all (x4)


Tonight I’m gonna dance like it’s the end of my life (x4)

Big dance break no words.


Repeat chorus